How to Make a Kronar

Ways to make a profit with your abilities.


Making a profit is probably your main drive of being in the Trader Guild. Unfortunately, if you’re still a novice, the options for this are limited. Some simple ways when starting is to sell sticks or branches to Mags outside the Collegium of Reflex training or find Maisey in Riverhaven will buy herbs to make some coin and gain some experience. Be innovative! I’ve gone around selling free food found on tables and took shopping orders to pick up and deliver. 


Anyone can barter, as it is the safest way to sell something when you can not sell on a table or at an auction. Be sure you understand the denomination you plan to offer the item to the buyer for, I.E. 10000 is a plat and 100000 is 10 plat. If you are confused, figure it out ahead of time so you do not lose out on the deal. To barter with someone who has said they wanted an item you have for a price (or item) you BARTER item WITH player amount currency (BARTER item WITH player FOR item). The other person will have the ability to appraise the item before they accept or decline the deal.

Gem Pouch/Bundle Selling

There are a few ways traders can make coin selling pouches (and bundles at the tannery, but most stick with gems). The basic way is to sit in the gem shop and sell pouches to the appraiser when someone needs it. You ASK APPRAISER TO APPRAISE MY POUCH, check with the customer to see if that offer is acceptable, then SELL MY POUCH. To get the best offer you will normally want to run SPECULATE FINESSE. The way you’d make coin off this transaction is normally through the tips or buy the pouch at the normal offer and sell it at a later time with your bonus.

Side note: Other guilds can sell pouches in the financiable gem shops of Caravansry, Shadow Clan, Horse Clan, Muspar’i, Rossmans, and Throne City.

Traders have the ability to UNTIE gem pouches that were tied by clients. This ability does not let you physically open the pouch to retrieve its contents. Untying pouches lets you shift approximately half of the contents of a tied pouch into an empty pouch, so you can gain more experience out of your pouches. You will need a tied pouch in your hand, as well as an empty pouch in the other. Example: You have a tied pouch that appraises for 70000 kronars. After untying this pouch, you will end up with two approximately half pouches. This gives you two pouches to sell that appraise for about 35000 kronars each, letting you get double the experience for your transactions.

Tirsten has kindly scoured the lands researching all the commonly available gem shop pouches and come up with this list:
Group 1 – black, blue, dark, fuzzy, green, indigo, purple, red, soft, suede. Found in Aesry Surlaenis’a, Crossing, Hara’jaal Island, Hibarnhvidar, Leth Deriel, Muspar’i, Ratha, Raven’s Point, Riverhaven, Shard, Therenbrough.
Group 2 – burlap, canvas, dotted, paisley, patchwork, plaid, plain linen, oxhide, striped, wool, yak-hair. Found in Darkling Wood, Fever Point, Horse Clan, Ilaya Taipa, Rossman’s Landing, Throne City.

Horse Trading

The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “Do you know much about horses? They can be a good source of income for an enterprising Trader. The Guild was able to use its influence to ensure that buying and selling of these animals can only occur when a qualified member is present. This ensures that we will always be the middlemen in such transactions, and where we are in the middle, we can make coin from both sides of the deal.” Guildleader Ansprahv chuckles for a moment before concluding, “You will need to search out the locations where such transactions can take place, but there are a fair number of them around.”

Traders can begin to transfer horses at 25th circle. Brokerage offices are located at Zoluren Royal Mews (two rooms with same name, use SELL to find out proper spot), Theren Keep, El Bain’s Stop, the Noble Inn and North Roads Caravansary.

Trader Tip: Get the coin from the buyer or make them transfer the money before the purchase, so you don’t get scammed.

You can only own one horse at a time, but after 35th circle traders can store multiple horses. So if you own a horse, STORE it at the stable (instead of STABLE HORSE) and you will receive an animal storage voucher for 2 gold. For multiple horse sales you will need to repeat this process so you only have one horse out at a time. UNSTORE horse to get back from voucher (instead of RETURN HORSE). The horse you are going to sell should be the horse that is out in horse form (not voucher).

The process: Trader OFFERs to the horse seller, the trader SELLs to show a horse is up for sale, then the buyer offers to the trader. (use SELL and OFFER syntax for commands).

Trader Market Tables

The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “At certain times and in certain places, the most profitable activity can be selling individual items to buyers who can appreciate their true value. Whether this be skillfully forged armor and weapons, rare and unique items, or perhaps just necessary tools and supplies of superior quality, the dealing in such items has made many a fortune. The Guild has worked to establish a number of markets where our members may more easily conduct such business. In them you can rent a table, buy some price tags, and lay out your goods for people to look at. We have hired guards to help protect you from folks of a less than savory nature. While they are excellent at keeping items from disappearing from the tables, those with enough skill may still be able to lift coins from your pockets, so be careful.”

When you hit your 20th circle you can start selling items at Market Tables located in Muspar’i, Riverhaven, Crossing, Ratha, Aesry, Shard, and Hibarnhvidar. A table is rented from the monger who will give you a ticket to claim it for a period of 4 RL hours. You can get a second one after another 1 RL hour. Tables hold 20 items each. Hold on to that ticket so you can watch the time left. When it is close to expiring you will receive a message and you can get additional time by asking the monger with the ticket in your right hand. Do not forget to put the ticket on the table to add the time.

The market attendants will automatically cover your table when you are not in the room. When you are ready to close up shop you can either empty it yourself or have your hireling attendant do it for you. Have the table readied for the next trader by kicking it with the ticket in your right hand. Otherwise, when the time expires the monger will clear the table and put the items away for 24 RL hours. If you (or your hireling attendant) do not retrieve your goods from the monger before that time you will lose those items. You do not need the ticket to get your goods. The monger can convert your tagged merchandise in a container to the local provinces currency. Even if an item did not need to be retagged in the container you will be charged for his time.


  • Ticket – 2500 kronars
  • Additional time – 2500 kronars
  • Tags – 625 kroanrs
  • Goods retrieval – 3125 kronars
  • Conversion – 2 gold + 25 coppers per item (all currencies)


  • TAG
  • TIME

Table syntaxes


Disruptive people at your tables? Those guards are useful for something after all! ASK GUARD FOR REMOVAL OF name. You will need two traders to request this in the tent.

Auction Halls

The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv smiles and says, “Have you ever been to an auction? When run by a skilled Trader and with the right items they can be exciting and extremely lucrative. I once saw a Trader sell a few items and walk away with several thousands of platinums, quite impressive. While anyone can stand in the street or in the corner of a park somewhere and try to auction items, only a trader of sufficient standing can use the proper auction halls the Guild has established. We have facilities in them for safely displaying the item being sold so the bidders can try to determine its value and we have staff on hand to handle transferring the item and taking payment as well as penning lists of items that are going to be offered for sale. You can even send criers out to announce your auction. We currently have a very nice auction facility here in the Crossing, as well as in the Rathan guild and the city of Riverhaven.”

Are you 30th circle and ready to take the gamble? If so stop by the auction hall with your goods.

Gavel syntaxes

  • GRAB GAVEL – take control of auction gavel.
  • LOOK GAVEL – show syntaxes.
  • TOUCH GAVEL – suspend bidding.
  • HUG GAVEL – abort bid process.
  • DROP GAVEL – give up control of auction tools.
  • START BID amount

Table syntaxes

  • LOOK TABLE – show syntaxes.
  • PUNCH TABLE – start countdown.
  • TAP TABLE – toggle room silenced.

Parchment syntax

  • KICK STAND – clear parchment.
  • PUT bag ON STAND – Get listing of items on parchment (up to 20).
    Auctioning simplified: GRAB GAVEL. Put the bag of items on the stand to list on parchment (KICK STAND if parchment needs to be cleared). Put an item on the table and START BID. PUNCH TABLE for going once,twice, sold. Being an auctioneer is all about the show. Give a good talk about the item and demonstrate what it can do to get the best bids. Don’t forget to HIRE CRIER (town/hunt) CONFIRM to let everyone know it’s about to start!


Shop Financing

The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “Once you have reached the 50th rank in the guild a whole new field of opportunities opens up for you. Financing. We have made agreements with a growing number of businesses around the lands where traders can provide operating funds for gem buying and furrier businesses. The owner of the business takes a 10% fee and in return will purchase goods using the trader’s funds. The trader can stop by from time to time and ask about their goods and receive whatever the owner has purchased for them. The trader can then take these goods to the larger towns and hopefully sell them for a profit. Just think, a way to let your coin work for you while you are off doing something else. Due to provincial laws, only citizens of the area where the business is located will be allowed to finance it.”

At 50th circle you will be able to finance gem and furrier shops. Financiable gem shops available: Illaya Taipa, Rossman’s Landing, Throne City, Darkling Woods, Horse Clan and Fever Point. Finaciable furrier shop available: Caravansary on North Roads and Aesry habor. You will need to GIVE APPRAISER the amount you want to finance. To figure out the minimum and maximum just try to give various combinations.