Player Owned Shops

The POS's of the guild.

Have you gotten tired of eating all that caravan dirt and ready to settle down into a shop? Congratulations (if you’re 30th circle or above)! Let’s get you moved in!

There are plazas located in Crossings, Riverhaven and Shard. At the entry of the plaza you will find a listing board, read it to find out if there are shops available for rent or when the next evictions may happen. Ask the clerk about help, in the Administration Office, to see if you are able to rent a shop. If you are, just stand outside the entrance of an available shop and RENT ENTRANCE (costs 30 plat).

No shops available? Keep checking the listing board until it comes close to eviction time and get ready for the shop run! This disheartening event (because a shop rarely actually opens) happens regularly in Crossings for traders who wish to move into the over populated plaza. Please remember you CAN move shops, so open one up in another town first. Use the following notes to help you in setting up your shop and feel free to stop by my shop On A Whim in Crossings with any questions you might have. Let me know if you see anything that is out of date, thanks!


Repair problems? With the traffic visiting your shop you may need HELP with EVENTS that will happen, make sure your shop is looking good and check the REPAIR LIST for things that need to be done.

People problems? There are a few ways you can deal with them in these new rooms, check HELP PEOPLE in your manual. SHOP REMOVE and SHOP BLACKLIST will assist you in dealing with them.

Financial problems? Read up on HELP EVICTION and HELP CLOSING in the shops manual. If your shop ends its pay period with more than your 20 plat owed to the Plaza for three months without earning any money, your shop will be forced closed and your tenancy will be ended. The amount of money that you owe the Plaza will be applied to your debt in the province that the plaza resides in, and will have a handling fee assessed on top of that. Your best bet will always be to stay as current as possible with your rent! When your shop closes all your furniture, except the entrance, will be stored in the warehouse for your next shop. In order to retrieve your goods, you can ask the clerk for your goods.

Circle Requirements

Surfaces can currently only be bought at the Furniture Gallery in the Crossing Plaza. Your shop starts with a table in the backroom that can be PUSHed onto the sales floor. Dependant on your circle you can purchase more. They start out as a table, cabinet, rack and trunk but can be ADJUSTed to other types. More detail on furniture below.

Circle – Number on sales floor / Total allowed (incl. backroom)

  • 30 – 1 / 1
  • 40 – 1 / 2
  • 45 – 2 / 2
  • 50 – 2 / 3
  • 60 – 3 / 4
  • 70 – 3 / 5
  • 75 – 4 / 5
  • 80 – 4 / 6
  • 90 – 5 / 7
  • 100 – 5 / 8

Scheduled hours are periods of time your shop is open and an assistant handles the transactions. No experience is gained during this time and the staff gets 3% commission for any sales they make. You start at 3 hours for 30th circle and go up an hour every 10 circles after that. I.E.: 8 hours for 80th circle, 15 hours for 150th.

Shop Basics

How to rent The administration office is located next to the Market Plaza gate entrance. Once inside you can ask the clerk about HELP, he will tell you he can tell you about furniture, shops, rent, and leasing a shop. The last three will give you the same response, ask him about one of those to see if you are eligible to rent a shop. You need to be debt free.

Clerk messaging before you rent:
A surly clerk sitting behind a counter rifles through a sheaf of papers for several minutes finally finding what he was looking for. He reads it carefully and says, “It looks like you’re qualified to rent a shop. If you’d like to do so, you can go find one that’s not being rented and RENT it. When you do that, the attendants will collect the rental fee from you.

You will then look for shop by trying to RENT in the room to see what is available, RENT type of entrace to finalize your lease. OPEN entrance and your grand opening has begun!

RENT messaging
You pull an attendant aside and make it clear that you want to rent the space behind some bright double doors. He looks at the doors and scribbles some notes on a sheet of paper. After performing a few calculations, the attendant says, “To rent this shop, we require a non-refundable deposit of 100000 Kronars, and we have pro-rated your rent for the remaining 62 days of this pay period, for an additional 77500 Kronars. This brings the total up to 177500 Kronars until the next pay period.”

Clerk messaging after you rent:
A surly clerk sitting behind a counter rifles through a sheaf of papers for several minutes finally finding what he was looking for. He glances over the document and says, “But you already have a shop! It’s located in the Crossing Plaza, at Market Plaza, Sun Room.”

Before you open you will want to read thru your shops HELP manual. It will have a variety of topics to help you in your enterprise. Shops are the pinnacle of achievement for any trader. While a shop might start small, its success (and influence!) can quickly become something of great renown. This help file is designed to help you navigate your shop and learn the different ways that it can be used. To access information on a specific topic, use the syntax HELP [TOPIC].The available topics are:

  • BASICS – Get basic information about how a shop is run.
  • OPENING – Learn about opening your shop and keeping it open while you’re away.
  • SURFACES – Learn about sales surfaces, and how you can acquire more and different ones.
  • MERCHANDISE – How to interact with your merchandise.
  • PEOPLE – Find out the unique capabilities of your shop when dealing with people.
  • BACKROOM – Find out more about what the back room is for, and what you can do with it.
  • EXPENSES – Learn about the different ways you can incur expenses for your shop.
  • EVENTS – What kind of random events can occur, and what you can do about them.
  • FURNITURE – How and where to get new furniture for your shop.
  • EVICTION – What you need to do to avoid being evicted if your shop goes into the red.
  • CLOSING – How to close your shop and what effects that has.

One of the first things you may want to do is rename your shop. This command allows you to change your shop’s name. To do this, you need to use SHOP NAME [NAME]. Your shop’s name can be between 5 and 32 characters long, and it costs 5 platinum Kronars to do so.

Another useful setup is to specify your shop schedule. When people LOOK at your shop entrance from outside they will see who owns it and the hours you set. Use any of the following syntax (can only be done once every 24 hours):

SHOP SCHEDULE [Hour][PM|AM] to [Hour][PM|AM]

SHOP SCHEDULE [HOUR] to [HOUR] – Assumes a 24 hour clock


  • SHOP SCHEDULE 12am to 4am – holds your shop open between 12am and 4am.
  • SHOP SCHEDULE 12 to 16 – holds your shop open between 12pm and 4pm.

Your shop can be held open for 5 hours. See HELP SCHEDULE for more details.

[NOTE: Your shop’s schedule is in Eastern Standard Time, during the Real-Life day.]

 The SHOP verb is the way that you interact with the various settings of your shop. The following options are available:

  • SHOP PRICE – Set the price for an item in your shop (and alter price after it’s been put up for sale).
  • SHOP RESERVE – Reserve an item for a certain person to buy.
  • SHOP CUSTOMER – Shows you what your customers would see if they used the SHOP verb.
  • SHOP REMOVE – Lets you remove a player from your shop and keep them out for some time (and remove an item from sale).
  • SHOP BLACKLIST – You can ban a person from your shop permanently.
  • SHOP SCHEDULE – Schedule times for your shop to be open when you’re not there.
  • SHOP TIMERS – Change the timers for shop-related things, like blacklisting.
  • SHOP WIDTH – Modify the width of your ledger.
  • SHOP NAME – Change the name of your shop.
  • SHOP STATUS – Find out how your shop is doing.
  • SHOP CATEGORIES – Update the categories of items that your shop sells.

You can enter these commands by themselves for more information about how to use them.


These are charged to your shop’s account and records can be checked from the ledgers EXPENSES page located in the backroom of your shop on the storage cabinet.

  • Shop non-refundable deposit – 300000 Kronars
  • Shop rent – 30 plat or less (see below) plus fee for surfaces in shop (see below)
  • Rename shop – 50000 Kronars
  • Schedule change – 500 Kronars
  • Assistants commission – 3% of a sale
  • Repairs – varies, more detail below

The base cost of rent per month is 30 plat per month. The base cost is increased by the number of surfaces that you have as follows:

  • 1 surface .75 plat
  • 2 surfaces 3 plat
  • 3 surfaces 6.75 plat
  • 4 surfaces 12 plat
  • 5 surfaces 18.75 plat
  • 6 surfaces 27 plat
  • 7 surfaces 36.75 plat
  • 8 surfaces 48 plat

After the total is calculated, the rent is scaled by location (Crossing is charged full price):

  • Riverhaven 50%
  • Shard 25%

This amount is then charged at the end of a pay period.

Stocking your surfaces

It’s time to recoup the coin you just spent! Make sure to REMOVE all tags from your items as they count against what your surface will hold (they also end up hiding inside the items and can be a pain to find later). HELP MERCHANDISE in your manual gives more detail.

 You can use SELL in two different ways:

SELL [ITEM] for [PRICE]- Puts the item up for sale on the first sales surface that has room.

SELL [ITEM] on [SURFACE] for [PRICE] – Puts the item up for sale on the specified sales surface.

 The price should be in local currency. When you put an item up for sale, you must put down ten percent of the value of the item in order for the guards to be made aware of the quality of your item. When the item is sold, the deposit will be returned to you. This sum can be automatically deducted and debited to your shop’s account if you wish.

Surfaces can only hold a maximum of 20 items. This includes items inside containers, so if you sell a backpack with nineteen hats inside, you won’t be able to sell anything else on that surface. It’s much easier to sell items that are empty!

You can use SHOP PRICE to alter the price of an item after it’s been put up for sale. As with selling an item, you are required to put down a deposit based on the sale value of the item. See the SHOP SELL information for more details.

SHOP PRICE [ITEM] {on/in surface} for [PRICE] – Sets the price of the item.

To remove an item from your surfaces you must have a free hand available.

SHOP REMOVE [ITEM] {from container} is how you can remove an item from sale.

You can reserve an item for purchase by a specific buyer. To do this, you can enter SHOP RESERVE [ITEM] {on surface} FOR [CUSTOMER]. This will reserve the item for the customer for four anlaen. When the reservation expires, anybody can purchase the item again. You will be unable to reserve that item again for twelve anlaen.


Furniture in your shop comes in a great variety at the Furniture Gallery located near the Market Plaza gate entrance. The shop comes with a table and counter in the sale area and a table in the back room. When you study the counter you will find that you can clean, hug, pinch, poke, pull, push, rub, tap, tilt, turn, wave, lick, punch, and punish it. There are restrictions based on your circle on how many tables your shop can have. HELP FURNITURE and SURFACES in your manual explains more. Each surface holds 20 items. The furnitures noun can be changed by ADJUSTing it while in the backroom and empty. When you want to swap furniture just PUSH it into the other room. It can also be sold back to the Furniture Gallery from the back room, SELL [surface].

 ADJUST changes

  • Table  > Worktable > Desk > Workbench > Stand > Cart > Buffet
  • Cabinet  > Armoir > Bureau > Dresser > Endtable > Sideboard > Breakfront > Highboy > Vanity > Locker > Cupboard > Bar
  • Rack  > Shelf > Mantle
  • Trunk  > Chest > Case > Crate > Footlocker > Lowboy > Bin

Crossing Furniture Shop

  • Furniture (Counters) – 62500 to 75000 Kronars
  • Furniture (Wall panels) – 31250 to 125000 Kronars
  • Furniture (Floor panels) – 62500 to 87500 Kronars
  • Furniture (Surfaces) – 37500 to 50000 Kronars


Fest Shops


The back room of your shop is a private oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Your extra surfaces and ledger is located here. Reference the shops manual in HELP BACKROOM and HELP EXPENSES. The ledger has three sections you can TURN the LEDGER to: Income, Expenses and Sales.


  • Deposits to the backroom
  • Furniture sold
  • Withdrawals from the backroom
  • Problems that start needing repair
  • Repairs fees
  • End of month information: gross income, expenses and net earnings


  • Shop rename fee
  • Furniture purchased
  • Schedule change fee
  • Associate’s commission fee
  • Repair fees
  • End of month information: gross income, expenses and net earnings


  • Items sold and price

The backroom acts as the bank for your shop. You can deposit coin directly into it the same way. You can also specify how much you would like to withdraw from your shop. By default, it will go to your local bank account. If you would like to withdraw the money personally, you can use WITHDRAW #### POCKET.

To get the status of your shop you can check the BALANCE in the backroom or SHOP STATUS in the sales room.

This pay period, your shop has:

  • -Made 7 sales for a total income of 1090040 Kronars.*
  • -Incurred a total of 412251 Kronars in expenses.
  • -A current bank account of 1018750 Kronars.

* This amount will be credited to your shop’s bank account at the end of the pay period, which will end in 48 andaen (12 RL days).