A guide to running routes.

The Basics

I have traveled far and questioned many other traders to compile some useful information for making your profits (in coin and skill) on the routes. The easiest and safest routes are through Zoluren, the rest are either very long travel time between outposts or have higher level critters to pass through. Keep enough coin in pocket to pay off debts to the clerk.

  • RENT CARAVAN from the clerk in any outpost. Caravans are much more convenient because they lead through some areas and you can train during this time.
  • Then ASK MINISTER FOR CONTRACT, GIVE CONTRACT TO CLERK and PAY CLERK to keep up on dues (do this at every outpost you pick up a contract). Do not forget to have given the contract to the clerk, very embarrassing to make it to the delivery outpost without the goods. You can LOOK CARAVAN to verify your goods are loaded.

Additional tidbits:

  • Some useful items to start out with is a ledger, feedbag, jugglies, appraisal items, origami and compendium.
  • If you are stolen from on the route in town you can accuse at the guard house; on routes out of town you need to accuse to the clerk. You have a limited time frame to do so.
  • You are allowed only one contract per outpost until it expires or is completed so plan your routes accordingly.
  • Feed your caravans regularly as you get fined if they die, or pay stable costs if found.
  • There is a two minute time limit between SPOOKing your caravan.
  • Storage box is availabe at 35th circle and automatically added to your caravan. It holds up to possibly 19500 stones. Items can only be taken out and touched by the caravan owner, but can be rummaged when open. If an item is in a container that container must be taken out to get the item. Items will not be lost if caravan dies or if stabled.
  • Anyone can get a gem pouch from a caravan by ASKING them for it.

Lost your caravan?

First, check with the clerk at any outpost to see if it died by RENTing another one. They will either fine and give you another or tell you to look elsewhere. Next, try checking the stables in the area you were trading or the last outpost you told it to lead to. Caravans can continue on without you and stop at the end point on its own. Also, with sufficient mental aptitude and scholarly ways, a trader can RECALL CARAVAN in an attempt to remember where they parked. The results can vary based on both the recall ability of the trader and the distance from the caravan.


LEAD TO (CITY) – direct caravan to lead on routes, see province notes below for listing of cities.
FOLLOW – always have caravan following and pay attention when it isn’t.
WAIT – pauses lead on route.
STOP – cancels route.
RETURN – goes backwards on a route.
GO FAST – go fast.
GO FASTER – gofaster!
GO SLOW – go…slow.
GO SLOWER – go…slo…wer.
SPOOK – fun to do but need to feed after, plus helps you get out of danger.
JOIN (LEADER) – start a convoy.

At 10th circle you can also learn from the Shard Guildleader:


Instead of dragging them yourself and feeling fatigued, which if you carry as much stuff as most traders you will. Very useful when you travel past the body of a person who you inadvertently run over, the least you can do is bring them someplace safe.

Threads to Highlight

Whichever front end you use find where to set “highlights” (it will change the color of the text to make it more noticeable) and and paste the following lines into it:

  • The caravan driver watches with satisfaction as the animals in his care finish off the last of their feed.
  • The driver of your caravan calls over to you, “They are done with that last bit of feed, madam!” OR The driver of your caravan calls over to you, “They are done with that last bit of feed, sir!”
  • , following you
  • Oddly, your pouch seems suddenly heavier for a moment. Knowing the lands as you do, you doubt it was a donation.
  • bank
  • caravan
  • barge

Outposts – CrossingArthe Dale, outside Stone ClanDirgeTiger ClanWolf ClanLeth Deriel

Banks – Crossing, Dirge, Leth Deriel

Dangerous areas – Arthe dale gate (Death squirrels), Stone clan (caravan stops in Bueiswurms), Dirge (Madmen and Ghouls), South of ferry to Crossing (caravan stops in room south of ferry, watch for kobold)

Caravan destinations:

  • Path to Dirge / South of ferry to Riverhaven
  • South of ferry to Leth Deriel / Leth Deriel at northwest gate
  • Leads from Crossings guild double doors to outposts up to Dirge
    • Crossing at northeast gate
    • Arthe Dale at gate
    • Stone Clan up the trail
    • Dirge at path


Crossing – two rooms east of west gate at manure pile. Fees: Pack animals 200 kronars / Caravans 400 kronars
Arthe Dale – north and east of gate, go path. Fees: Pack animals 120 kronars / Caravans 240 kronars
Kaerna (near Stone Clan) – stable outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 120 kronars / Caravans 240 kronars
Caravansary – on NTR at path to Dirge go NW and SW, then stable, gate and pen. Fees: Pack animals 100 kronars / Caravans 200 kronars
Dirge – three rooms east of bank, go stable twice. Fees: Pack animals 100 kronars / Caravans 200 kronars
Leth Deriel – from town center go north til you can go west, at Rest of Ages Inn. Fees: Pack animals 125 kronars / Caravans 250 kronars

Other notes:

Ferry to Leth is 35 copper normal, 80 with empty caravan, more with varied weight (25 per crate?)
Go to Leth only when contract is near expiring or you have two or more.

Beasts of burden:

Pack animals

  • a dun yak/mule
  • a dappled yak/mule
  • a grey yak/mule
  • a piebald yak/mule


  • a weathered caravan
  • a sturdy caravan
  • a steel-wheeled caravan
  • a rickety caravan
  • a two mule caravan

Outposts – RiverhavenLangenfirthTherenboroughFornstedHvaralMuspar’i

Banks – Riverhaven, Therenborough, Muspar’i

Dangerous areas – Therenborough / Fornsted (Marauders and Vines)

Caravan destinations:

  • North of Lagenfirth / Therenbrough gate
  • Arnshal Keep gate by Fornsted Village / Gate to Hvaral


Riverhaven – door outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 175 lirums / Caravans 350 lirums
Langenfirth – from outpost south twice, west, then pen and barn. Fees: Pack animals 120 lirums / Caravans 240 lirums
Hvaral – entrance outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 100 lirums / Caravans 200 lirums
Muspar’i – once inside the caravansary you’re there. Fees: Pack animals 200 lirums / Caravans 400 lirums

Other notes:

Make sure to have caravan join when you’re ready to leave barge from Riverhaven/Langenfirth.
Save time by renting a boat (thru the black iron gate near the barge), cost is 1 gold kronar after you ASK pilot FOR COMMAND.
Get passports at Ibec Hall in Therenborough to get thru Arnshal Keep.
New changes to the sand barge: Stops at Oasis before going on to Muspar’i.
Barge is timed so if you trade quickly you can make it back before the next one arrives.
Stay in Langenfirth, Therenborough, Fornsted until you get two or more elsewhere.

Beasts of burden:

Pack animals

  • a roan yak/mule
  • a speckled yak/mule
  • a red-eyed yak/mule
  • a sleek yak/mule


  • a bright red caravan
  • a deep blue caravan
  • a covered caravan
  • a four-wheeled caravan
  • a sleek black caravan

Outposts – Fayrin’s RestSteelclaw ClanShardDarkling Wood

Banks – Shard

Dangerous areas – Darkling Wood (Eidolon Steeds)

Caravan destinations:

  • Leth southwest gate / Gondola on north side.
  • Shard east gate / Path to prairie.


Fayrin’s Rest – stable outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 140 dokoras / Caravans 280 dokoras
Darkling Wood – stable outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 100 dokoras / Caravans 200 dokoras

Other notes:

When you enter the Darkling Wood outpost there is a chance you might be engaged the moment before, so it is advised to pause in the outpost before you exit so you will not be at pole range with a steed.

Beasts of burden:

Pack animals

  • a tan yak/mule
  • a wild yak/mule
  • a sleek white yak/mule
  • a grumpy yak/mule


  • an ironclad caravan
  • a gilt-edged caravan
  • an oxen drawn caravan
  • a polished wood caravan
  • a sithannik caravan

Outposts – HibarnhvidarAin GhazalBoar ClanRaven’s Point

Banks – Hibarnhvidar, Raven’s Point

Dangerous areas – Himineldar Shel (ice, move slowly about every 10 seconds)

Caravan destinations:

  • Hibarnhvidar / Boar Clan
  • Hibarnhvidar / Raven’s Point / Ain Ghazal


Hibarnhvidar – stable outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 200 dokoras / Caravans 400 dokoras
Ain Ghazal – door outside outpost. Fees: Pack animals 100 dokoras / Caravans 200 dokoras
Boar’s Clan – NE of outpost. Fees: Pack animals 200 dokoras / Caravans 400 dokoras

Other notes:

Keep your burden down for going across Archers Ford between Hib and Boar Clan.
Raven’s Point closes the south gate to Shard at night and when the Dragon Priests attack.

Beasts of burden:

Pack animals

  • a hardy yak/mule
  • a shaggy yak/mule
  • a mountain yak/mule
  • a surly yak/mule


  • a well-made caravan
  • a rough-hewn caravan
  • a long caravan
  • an iron-banded caravan
  • a fretwork caravan

Outposts – Riverhaven, Crossing, Shard
Broker has contracts – Crossing in North room of clerk, Riverhaven in alley outside guild, Shard ivory door east of clerk.
Caravan destinations:

  • Crossing guild to Dirge / Dirge to Riverhaven ferry southside.
  • Riverhaven ferry southside to Dirge / Dirge to Crossing NE gate.
  • Crossing ferry southside to Leth NW gate / Leth SW gate to Shard gondola northside.
  • Shard gondola northside to Leth SW gate / Leth NW gate to Crossing ferry southside.

Other notes:

  • Same basics apply as with local contracts.
  • Carry all types of coin for ferry and paying your dues.
  • Learn Athletics to swim the river by haven, saves 30 min.
  • Learn Athletics to cross under the gondola, saves 42 min.
  • DO work local contracts in Zoluren and Commodities. DO NOT stop at Tiger and Wolf Clan unless directed.
  • Trade between Riverhaven and Crossing until you are nearing the time limit or have more than one contract for traveling south to Leth and Shard.
  • You cannot be stolen from on gondola or its platforms.

Commodities has been “broken” and the following information may not always hold true, but here’s what I got for you so far:

Pits – Crossing, Arthe Dale, Leth Deriel

Other notes:

  • Pit clerk sells, shipment clerk buys.
  • Boards update randomly so get a copy of the commodities board by either: opening the familiar window to have boards listed on side to get back to later or copying it to a word document.
  • Get a few plat out of the bank, can buy more than one commodity at a time.
  • Compare commods and prices, buy low and sell high! (syntax is ORDER # commod)
  • Guild cut varies, higher cost of commod means higher the cut
  • Goods don’t go bad, check ledger for max amount you can buy, stable or put goods in warehouse (tho its costly and buggy)
  • Use in conjunction with local and interprovince trading to make the most profit.
  • Formula for max commodity units = (trading ranks * 2) + (circle + charisma)

Other information sources:

Commodities Handbook by Benes Malcgua.
Commodity Trading on Elanthipedia Wiki.

Caravan Stables

There are some times where you may want to store your caravan or pack animal. The stables are scattered in useful locations near the trade routes. To have the stable hands take your caravan or pack animal, have them in the stable with you and PAY fee (also useful to figure out if the stable takes caravans at all if the list below is not available). The fees are for four andaen and there is an additional cost after more time which you will be charged when you come back to RETURN CARAVAN. If you are running contracts be sure you keep track of the time left, as they will still expire. Stabling is mostly useful if there is a caravan you like and want to keep, have items in your storage box, have commodities you are saving or any other reason you can think of not to RETURN CARAVAN to the clerk. If you do not stable your animals they will most likely starve, leaving you with a bad reputation and fees to the guild. There are rare times when your animals will be brought back to the guild or stabled for you when they are left unattended.

Transfer Caravan Traders with at least circle 25 and no outstanding contracts or commodities can transfer their caravan from stable to stable. If you’ve left it in Riverhaven, you can now have it delivered in Shard for a small fee and possibly wait time. The cost is 5 gold of whatever currency you’re in. You can RETURN CARAVAN at the destination to see about how long it will be until the caravan arrives.

The time to transfer is:

  • 30 min for same province
  • 1 hour for each province line crossed
  • 1 additional hour if either endpoint is on the islands

Personally Owned Caravans (POCs)


  • Plate – 25th circle, 10 plat at fest
  • Exterior – 25th circle, 75 to 150 plat at fest
  • Interior – 50th circle, 750 plat from guild minister

STUDY ROOM/CARAVAN… Looking about the interior, you feel you could:

  • GO DOOR to exit the room
  • PEER WINDOW to look outside
  • PUSH (person) to evict someone
  • TURNing the DOOR once opens it to allow anyone to enter. If you then turn it again, it will allow *only* someone joined to you to enter.

Fest Shops

Interior Notes

You are able to purchase your interior room at 50th circle from any trade minister at the trading outposts for 750 platinum of the local currency. These interiors are pulled from the unclaimed interiors that were offered at fests.

You are limited to 1 door, 2 large, 3 medium and 4 small items. There is also a 10 item total restriction. ASK MINISTER ABOUT REMOVAL to have a piece of furniture in your caravan removed and turned into a furniture slip. This will let you reorganize and redecorate as you like. You can sell/trade/gift/trash/whatever the slips to others. You can ASK MINISTER ABOUT FURNITURE to get a list of the furniture in your caravan. You can TAP furniture to hide or unhide it. If you have a slip you want to restore the furniture for, GIVE it to a trade minister.

While riding inside the caravan, if you have set the driver to a route, you will be notified when you arrive.

Exterior Notes

You can purchase exteriors at 25th circle from fest shops or, if you are lucky, have one designed by our special merchants. Plates and custom exteriors can be removed (this is not reversible) for 20 plat in Primp My Ride.


The shelf is an exterior option you can purchase from the Guildfest shop As the Caravan Turns. After buying the shelf you can install a bucket of viscous gloop, small sturdy scale, and Wayerd pyramid.  Only the caravan owner can use the scale (study it) and pyramid (normal use, just open/close). Only one item can be used at a time (turn shelf on caravan to rotate) and anyone can use the bucket (syntax location is *item* on shelf).