Trading On a Whim

Notes for the rambling trader.

Joining the Guild

Are you all about making money? Then you’re halfway to becoming a trader! Basically, you can just go to the guild (DIR TRADERS) and JOIN, but there are some things you should know and do first!

  • Read the Trader Guild Guide by Brynnhilde Oremsdottir and A Trader’s Beginning for some basics about becoming a Trader.
  • I’ve found starting in Crossing is easier than in Riverhaven, if you have the choice.
  • Before you join you may want to train your stats up to the minimum requirement for the guild (DIR STATNAME), otherwise it costs more to have the guildleader train you.
  • Be prepared for spending a long time on the roads, you won’t be selling pouches til 13th circle or off tables til 20th.
  • Ask Mags for TASKs, located in Crossing outside Reflex training facility. This foraging task master will help you train and lock trading easily (difficulty raises as your level rises) plus get some coin as a novice.
  • Reference Elanthipedia for all the great abilities you will soon be able to use!
  • Afterwards, check back here for more tips and information.

Not there yet?

Join us playing DragonRealms or read New Adventurers Guide on how to create a new character.

Do not forget about the Trader Socials and other meetings hosted by the mentors; you will meet lots of other guildmates, be able to get all your questions answered and listen in on great classes (there is currently no trader mentor so keep checking the calender for when they get one).


Traders don’t give away coin, so keep it! Use a lil’ common sense and only carry what you need. As a trader you have the innate ability to realize when you have lost that precious commodity. Your keen trader’s money sense also lets you instinctively know how much is taken. It is recommended that you highlight this line so it is noticed right away (see below messaging). Unfortunately you don’t see who it is and will need to prevent future acts. Do so by hiding, running away or try to interact with the thief (role play it out!).

Theft messaging

  • Trader only, felt and successful – Oddly, your pouch seems suddenly heavier for a moment. Knowing the lands as you do, you doubt it was a donation.
  • Caught but unsuccessful – You stop XXX in his act of trying to pick your pocket. It’s a good thing you caught him in time!
  • Caught and successful – You feel a faint tugging at your belt, and look down to find XXX pulling his hand out of your purse with some coins.

If the thief was stalking you at that time you will stop them from following you due to the attempted theft. During a successful theft when you see who it was, you have two recourse’s other than confronting them:

  • ACCUSE name – When in a guard house just type ACCUSE and then the mean ol’ person who stole from you! To accuse someone of theft you must go to the guard office in the city in which you caught a thief stealing from you. They do not need to be online for you to ACCUSE them.
  • ACCUSE name to CLERK – Trader only! Tell your local trading outpost clerk if catch a Thief in your pockets on a recognized trading route and the Guild may send a group of “concerned citizens” to beat them up!

Useful tips:

Chapter VI. Money, Keeping it and Losing It by Brynnhilde Oremsdottir
Street Smarts

Trader Homes & Facilities

Banquet Hall – Anzu ia Bima: Located in the RiverHaven Trader’s guild upstairs. Available only to members of the Traders Guild. Talk with the reservation clerk in the reservation office upstairs to find out about the BANQUET hall for OPTIONS such as DANCE floor, INVITATIONS and GAMBLING or to just ORDER the PARTY. Be sure to keep your receipt or you will be charged a fee of 1000 lirums for a duplicate.


  • Banquet – room with food, cost 50000 lirums.
  • Dancing – dance floor, cost 10000 lirums.
  • Invitations – 50 invitations to hand out to guests (otherwise room is open to anyone), cost 10000 lirums.
  • Gambling – gaming room, cost 30000 lirums.

Caravansary: Located across from the path to Dirge on the Northern Trade Route.


  • Caravan stable
  • Horse stable
  • Brokerage office
  • Commodities warehouse
  • Furrier (financiable)
  • North Roads Inn
  • Charpigs Campfire menu
  • Estate Holder shops
  • Trader-only housing on Rustic Circle

The Raven’s Court: Located south of the Trader’s guild in the Crossing. Discounted membership for traders to use their fine facilities, which will allow you into an exclusive luxury-filled back area with a private bar. The Court plans to eventually expand in the future to offer housing services and other fine amenities.


  • VIP area (KNOCK ON KNOCKER to enter / SHOW person TO KNOCKER to bring a guest in)
  • Trader-only housing on second floor, just through the arch off the gallery
  • Exclusive lounge just for traders
  • VIP housing in members-only area
  • Art gallery
Plaques & Registers

Crossing Plaque for Traders that have reached the highest circles in the Realm for their profession. Register for the Traders that have practiced their trading skill into the highest levels.

Riverhaven Register for the Traders that have studied everything around them, including local flora.

Shard Register for the Traders that have worked hard to be a formidable adversary in battle.

Aesry Register for the Traders that have been hardy and focused on outdoor activities.

Ratha Register for the Traders that have a belief that you need to learn that which you need to prevent.

Hibarnhvidar Register for the Traders that have a heightened sense of everything around them.

Muspar’i Register for the Traders that have excelled in learning as well as teaching.


My Two Kronars – The Trader’s Outpost, another site dedicated to the Trader Guild by Annandale.
Elanthipedia – Very detailed wiki on the guild, site is the most comprehensive for information of DragonRealms.
DRSales – Site to buy/sell items in DR. Great way to figure out if your prices are comparable to others.
Olwydd – Best information for starting a new character, plus circle calculator to figure out what you need to move up in your guild.
DRSecrets – For those who need to know now without doing the work to find out.