Tips for the Shopper

Make your visit to the plazas less confusing.

Plaza Navigation Tips

The plaza shops were released in June of 2010. It is a great addition to the trading abilities of the guild. If you are a trader looking for information on starting your own shop, check in my Trader Notes for more detail. This page is for the shopper, I have found there is a lot of things our consumers do not know that could help them give us more profits!

  • LOOK (entrance) to see shop owners and their scheduled hours.
  • Scheduled hours are the times when a shop assistant runs the shop for the owner.
  • READ does not work to see the price. If you do not want to GET, use GLANCE instead.
  • SHOP syntax works in shops (I.E. SHOP TABLE to see all items and prices).
  • The LISTING BOARD in the lobby displays only open shops. * signifies the owner of the shop is currently on the sales floor. There is also a category list for each shop.
  • Traders can RESERVE an item on their surfaces for a specific person, if they are In Game. This only holds the item for a limited time.
  • In Crossing only, you can ASK GUARD ABOUT [room] or ASK GUARD ABOUT [shop]. The guard will offer to take you to that location (with a slight Round Time). You can also ASK GUARD ABOUT FOYER and he will return you to the entrance.


Still Lost?

Get the Trader Shop Inventory

This handy spreadsheet is updated approximately once a month! Kudos to Isharon for taking the time to create such a detailed list of shop items/prices PLUS owners/hours and putting it in an easy to read format!

You will need a spreadsheet reader (such as OpenOffice which is free) to view.