Rajara's For Profit Auction

Weekly auction, your items and mine!

Next Auction, Sunday, 10/8/17 9:30pm EST








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The Full List

Welcome to my auction information page! Watch the list for live updates or get details on how to profit from my auction (with your items).

During my auctions the parchment in the hall will only show a small portion of the Rajara’s For Profit Auction List. If you see an item you like an it’s not marked different in some way, request it! I will mark items off as they are requested or sold so you can tell what is still available (the list is updated live so keep it open to see changes!).

I also take requests to add items to the list before the auction starts, find me in my shop On A Whim in the Crossing Plaza or use Contact Us via this page. My lists usually have over 100 plus items but they all may not sell at the auction, I generally only put out items that are requested tho I toss some things in randomly.

I don’t run auctions per seller like most auctioneers might. Got one item or more, bring it to me!  The wider selection of items and more people to advertise to their friends, the better the profits!


  1. I will need to hold items for them to be put on the auction list. Or you can opt to include them at end of my auctions if time and bidders attention span permits.
  2. You will pay the auction hall fee (approximately 1%) and tip me from your winnings (no I don’t take it off the top, it’s a tip). Failure to do so will result in being blacklisted. FYI most traders charge 10-20%.
  3. You have the option: A) Item will be auctioned only if requested, or B) Item will be auctioned at any time. This is up to your preference, I’ve seen it go good or bad at both options.
  4. You may put a minimum bid on your item, the item will START at this price during the auction. Not recommended.
  5. Pay of is done when auction is finished. You have up to 30 days after auction to claim leftover items and profits. Failure to do so will result in coin and items being donated to charity of my choice.


  • Be present at the auction! Don’t like the bid? Buy it back yourself!
  • Give me details about your item, either before so I can add it to the notes or during in case people have specific questions.
  • Don’t want to be blacklisted from consigning from me? Don’t pull your items before an auction, be sure to tip me (I don’t take tip out before I give you the coin, tipping is the customers job!) and don’t whine (it’s an auction, there’s no rhyme or reason to how well or bad an item might sell).
  • Help advertise! Bring your friends or enemies. Let folks know about the item your selling or other great items on the list!