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Please remember for any services rendered to you…

Free one stone set and trades, up to 10 stone sets. No charge with promise to not sell them, but come back and trade up or give set to another novice.

Will help look into where an item came from, just need the original tap. You need to figure out your own prices tho.

Fee is 5 plat for filing. To adopt someone, you should have had your name for 30 days and have management rights to it. If you do, let me know whether you want a management or regular license for the adoptee.

 Fee is 1 gold per delivery in any province. You have the option of having the receiver pay for the item before it is delivered (be sure they have the coin on them in the proper denomination and right hand is empty). 

No charge, be sure to tip. Pouches and bundles must be sanitized beforehand! Let me know if you want prices offered or if I can just sell.

Another tip, if you need a gem pouch and aren’t near a gem shop just ASK a traders CARAVAN for one!

Stop by the shop and request a class or ask questions anytime. No charge!

Directory of Catalogs

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