Commissioned Items

Items that we have had created.

a delicate belt crafted from ethereal lotusweave in shades of purple It currently has multiple items tied to it. You may LOOK ON MY belt to see them. Multiple layers of the delicate, silken fabric combine to offer a colorful display akin to a twilight sky. Tucked beneath the folds, several pairs of sturdy ties arranged on the belt appear ideal for securing ten items. Idea by Annandale. Crafted and improved by Lotus Weaver Urdesas Arathaire (Hollows Eve 2017).

a spoiled black kitten with absinthe green eyes Nearly veiled underneath all the silky, lustrous long fur, a diamond-hide collar flaunting a lilac moonsilver bell chimes quietly with every slight movement. Absinthe emeralds spell out “Profits” along the feline necklace, perfectly matched to the hue of the kitten’s eyes. Her fluffy paws hide the dangers sheathed within as she gazes around as though evaluating the worth of everything. Reworked by Shenney, Kitten gift groomed by Intrepid Andriette (Hollows Eve 2015).

an ugly stick smeared with rainbow glitter in a swirling pattern It is very, very ugly. Glitterfied by Glitter Advisor Kimallus (Shard’s South Bridge Street Fair 2015).

a miniature Rakash trader with blue-black hair streaked with dark purple
Thick-lashed tanzanite-inlaid eyes gaze coyly from beneath the figurine’s long, bluish-black hair. The delicate silversteel of the carving gives a very pale look, which seems to augment the curvaceous body style. Standing with her hands on her hips, the figurine draws attention to the intricately carved gown of flame-kissed glaes she wears, which is otherwise hidden beneath a multitude of bags, satchels, pouches, and other various items.
Designed by Rantjur. Crafted by Merchant Turialo Shala’mer (Hallow Eve 2014).  

an elaborate kitten-shaped senci maul with an e’erdream shaft
The head forms the shape of a crouched kitten, paw outstretched as if batting at something. Its jade eyes glitter mischievously, and mock fur has been painted on in realistic shades of white with black tips. The stone is carved to depict the creature’s tail playfully curling around the shaft. Bizarrely, additional painting gives the appearance that the animal has a head of honey-streaked strawberry hair. You see the initials “D. D.” impressed into the surface of the stone. 
Designed by Starlear & Malzard. Crafted by Witch Keishalae (Hallow Eve 2014).

a silverweave rucksack with night diamond phofe flowers
Spun into a heavy, lustrous fabric, the pitch-black, white linen and silver threads weave together to create a shimmering, somewhat starry effect. Meandering over the backpack, embroidered branches bear tiny night diamond phofe blossoms filled with countless tiny specs of silver. The flowers serve as clasps for the multitude of pockets along the outside. 
Designed by Kelela & Casserah. Crafted by Intrepid Andriette (Mega Safari 2014). Embiggened (x3) by Bildon Finedwadle (Hallow Eve 2014).

a steel-bladed cire fan embroidered with “Yours is mine, mine is mine”
Intricate etching near the base of the blades reveals an elaborate design with dozens of realistic falling coins. The lavender material glistens with a layer of deep purple iridescence, securing the blades before trailing off to dangle a dazzling night diamond phofe blossom charm. The flowers seem to dance with each swing of the elegantly deadly weapon, glinting in any available light.
Designed by Starlear. Reworked & crafted by ? (Guildfest 2014).

an elegant glitvire wristcuff carved with a detailed winter scene
Intricate natural whorls in the grain decorate the smooth and satiny wood throughout its length, stained white to give it the appearance of blowing snow. Crushed bits of diamond highlight each whorl between of crystallized sap, enhancing the snowy look. Twin night diamonds are set into either end of of the intricately carved bracelet, scattering their purples and greens across the wood like starlight against roiling snowdrifts. 
Designed by Rantjur. Reworked & crafted by Merchant Turialo Shala’mer (All Hallows Eve 2013).

a fluffy white sheep with large night diamond eyes
Covered with white wool that has been rendered almost silky to the touch, the small toy wears a small sign that reads, “Kill them with fluffiness.” Oversized eyes give the small sheep an adorable expression that radiates from the silver-flecked deep purple gems that comprise the eyes.
Read: “~Vatari~”
Designed by Foci Magician Vatari (All Hallows Eve 2013).

a fanciful glitvire broom with e’erdream bristles
Heavily grained, the dark and satiny wood glints with crystalline inclusions. Delicate tendrils of platinum and gold filigree swirl down the length of the broom, drops of reflective pools of purple and green shimmering along their tips. The tyrium banded bristles give off the faintest aroma of e’erdream, the last vestiges of the beautiful tree’s blossom. 
Designed by Rantjur & reworked by Kelela. Crafted by Rish Esado Graimairo (All Hallows Eve 2013) from a voucher won at Vataris’ game.

an e’erdream merchant’s case inlaid with a black katambite streaked with gold
Tendrils of platinum and gold filigree swirl along the sides and corners, held in place by hinges of oiled tyrium. A single e’erdream blossom carved out of katambite is embedded in the lid, its petals ever-changing to reflect Katamba’s current intensity. Encircling the gem is flowing calligraphic script, bearing the aphorism, “Whomsoever said money could not buy happiness did not know where to shop!” 
Designed by Rantjur & reworked by Kelela. Crafted by Rish Esado Graimairo (All Hallows Eve 2013) from a voucher won at Vataris’ game.

a moonsilver-mesh moneybelt with a diamond-hide strap 
Lined with soft cashmere for comfort, the diamond-hide belt is low-slung to fit snugly around the wearer’s hips. The purse is made of a soft and pliable leather, but is carefully wrapped with an intricate mesh of thin multicolored moonsilver links woven to create a mix of silvery, crimson, blue and black shimmers of light. Each strand of faintly glowing moonsilver glimmers and ripples with the movement of the wearer for an eye-catching effect. 
Designed by Rantjur & redesigned due to restrictions by Sesi, Crafted by Garnaal Arnskeg (Nov. 2013).

a whimiscal blackened moonsilver crow charm
Faceted ocean’s heart diamond eyes peer about restlessly as if searching for trouble, hints of sea-green shimmering in their blue depths. Complex fanciful designs are engraved along the wings and beak, drawing attention to the eerie black glow of the moonsilver. Looking closely, several tiny objects are clutched tightly in its claws, treasures snatched from an unsuspecting person. 
Designed by Annandale & Ianhanse, Crafted by Roleta Yeyaru Graimairo (July 2013).

a village idiot’s slap stick surfaced with bright red glitter
Crooked but smooth, the stick is slightly flattened at one end to provide a resounding “SMACK!” when bashed against sturdier objects. Odd stripes and spots have been painted along its length, the colors mixed and random and serving no apparent purpose. Shiny glitter coats the empty spaces. 
Glitterfied by Glitter Advisor Kimallus (June 2013) at Guildfest 409 Festival

a form-fitting pair of diamond-hide gloves
Clearly designed with a mix of function and beauty, these gloves are heavily reinforced by supple diamond-hide across the palms and fingers. Across the backs of the gloves is carefully affixed delicate filigree, the deep purple metal creating the calligraphic initials “R. G.” 
Crafted by Master Seamstress Fritha (June 2013) at Guildfest 409 Festival

a serpent earcuff finely crafted from blackened moonsilver
Giving off an eerie black glow, the tarnished-looking metal is crudely hammered into the form of a snake. Its tail is meant to pierce the ear’s lobe while the rest wraps behind the upper ear, allowing the snake’s head to hover at a midpoint, roughly where the ear canal would be. 
Minor change in metal by Garnaal Arnskeg (Jan. 2013) from winning best Truth at Truth or Dare.

a darkened lumium shield embossed with a bejeweled Traders’ Guild crest
Split into two images by a diagonal line, one half of the shield bears the stylized image of a man leading a donkey that has been burdened with huge, full bags. The donkey’s sacks of riches are cut, with coins and gems appearing to spill out – made more authentic by actual night diamonds studded into the metal. The other half shows a sailing ship cresting a wave, a flag bearing a pirate symbol on its mainsail. A small flag trails from the mast that reads, “Trust Us”. 
Read: “Either way we will get your coin!”
Designed by Starlear, Crafted by Armorsmith Kauko (Oct. 2012) at Hollow Eve 406 Festival

tyrium-reinforced wisteria moneybelt studded with night diamonds
The belt is lined with the ethereal deep purple gems, their depths sparkling with silver flecks in an ebullient contrast to the lustrous pearly finish of the petalette fabric. A cunningly designed hidden pocket has been lined with tyrium to ensure the protection of the ample coin stored within. Tiny, flowing script is stamped into the metal, reading “Kertigen grant me the Charisma to never pay full price, the Discipline to shop the half-off sale, and the Wisdom to keep the receipt.”
Designed by Anjinson, Crafted by Witch Keishalae (Oct. 2012) Hollows Eve 406 Festival

a tiny dusky pouch clasped by a night diamond dagger
Crafted from exquisite feyweave, the pouch has been dyed in varying shades of purple, from a pale lavender near the top to a deep indigo at the bottom, and embroidered with a silhouetted forest. Woven into the fabric, a prowling panther shimmers faintly, almost seeming to shift and move on the surface of the pouch as it stalks an unseen mark.
Read: “I am overlooked. Be you likewise.”
Designed by Jilette, Crafted by Witch Keishalae (Nov. 2011) at Hollow Eve 403 Festival

some dark leathers embroidered on the left shoulder with a gilded yak
The only adornment to stand out, the dull-faced beast of burden represents the Trader’s Guild of Crossing. A prolonged look reveals the yak’s precarious situation, as the silhouette of a stalking panther stretches along the left arm of the leathers in a masterful black-on-black embroidery style used for the dangerous predator. Deep purple night diamonds with flecks of silver artfully provide depth to the panther’s hungry gaze.
Designed by Malzard, Crafted by Armorsmith Kauko (Nov. 2011) at Hollow Eve 403 Festival

an ivory-covered storage book with detailed etching and night diamond inlay
A meticulously carved scene decorates the front cover, showing a flower-festooned caravan led by joyfully braying donkeys set before the gates of the Crossing Market Plaza. Gracefully inlaid above the scene in tones of deep purple with flecks of silver contrast is the name “Rajara Gurds’Rivuyi”.
Designed by Malzard, Crafted by Buzwell (Oct. 2011) at Hollow Eve 403 Festival

a raven black faille odaj
Pleated to flow over one arm and shoulder, this elegant swath of evening-hued fabric opens to a full drape across the back. Wrapped around the body several times, it returns softly pleated over the other shoulder. A stunning onyx brooch, pinned at one shoulder, draws the eye to the soft shoulder pleats that mark this unique garment. Silk threads outline an intricate pattern of butterflies, crows and badgers which have been embroidered along the hem in midnight blue thread.

a sign shaped like a black crow carrying a platinum coin that reads “SHOP ON A WHIM”
Trailing bits of freshly-stolen lint, the slightly smirking bird carries it’s platinum prize in its beak. The shiny coin is etched with the words, “Spend again soon!” The sign itself is designed to stand alone, the clever shape allows the sign stability on any surface without too much added weight.
Read: “SHOP ON A WHIM! Spend again soon!”
By Nature’s Artisan Darix (Nov. 2009) at Hollow Eve 396 Festival

some black leather boots with silver-trimmed heels
Worn soles and small scuffs at the toes attest that these boots have seen a lot of wear. Only the buttery soft leather and the gleaming buckle attest to some care. The fastener is carved from deepest onyx in the shape of a raven in flight, carrying a polished silver glaysker flower in its beak. The silver trim on the heel is the emblem of the Trader Guild and the words “Trust us.” A smaller plaque is placed at the back of the heel near the sole.
Read: “Either way we will get your coin.”
By Silversmith Maddy (Aug. 2009) at Magma Falls Mini-Festival

a polished smokewood telescope case
Lush icesilk lines the finely polished case with silver threads glisten icely against the backdrop of the dark wood. The fine wiriting with wild horse jasper inlays adorns one side of the case.
Read: “Moonlight is Sculpture.” crafted by Banii, Magma Falls, in the year 395.
By Lensmaker Banii (Aug. 2009) at Magma Falls Mini-Festival

a polished smokewood telescope
The tube of the smokewood telescope has been polished to a high luster. The bands of the telescope sections have been covered with icesilk, its silver threads glisten icely against the backdrop of the dark wood beneath. Fine writing inlaid with wild horse jasper adorns one side of the telescope.
Read: Moonlight is Sculpture” crafted by Banii, Magma Falls, in the year 395.
By Lensmaker Banii (Aug. 2009) at Magma Falls Mini-Festival

a mistwood roll-top desk inlaid with winding jade glaysker flowers.
Delicately sculpted glaysker blossoms meander along the sides and top of the frame. The desk’s wide surface is blanketed with various stacks of notes, contracts and price tags, all scribed in an elegant hand. Upon closer examination, a small drawer is hidden in the wooden paneling along the front, the lustrous mistwood surrounding its diminutive handle carved with an intricate Traders’ Guild crest. The rolling top has been cleverly crafted to conveniently hide the desk’s clutter when necessary.
By Coordinator Geana (Aug. 2009) at Magma Falls Mini-Festival

an elegant animite hand flower decorated with pale jade leaves.
This wide bracelet is connected to a single animite ring by several thin faille cords, and suspended between them is an elegant glaysker flower crafted from delicate lacquered silk. The attention to detail is exquisite, with tiny diamonds mimicking dewdrops on the petals. A small wave-pattern runs along the edge of both elegant bands, the surface resembling a pond during a rain shower.
By Merchant Turialo (Aug. 2009) at Magma Falls Mini-Festival

an animite bracelet crafted to resemble a broke handcuff.
A short length of broken chain, formed of gleaming animite links, is designed to hang dispiritedly from the bracelet. Engraved along the links are the words, “Don’t regret doing things, regret getting caught.
By Jewelry Craftswoman Dovinda (Feb. 2009) at Trader Market Sweethearts Faire

a black silk bag covered in glittery stars around a shadow-embroidered panther
The regal beast stands proudly in front of a pile of brilliant white fragments, guarding his prized stash.
Read: “Soosha RihraibaiRivuyi”
By Thipbeet (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods

a twilight-hued faille bag decorated with dangling diamond stars
Shades of blue and purple blend harmoniously at the top, eventually bleeding into pale pastels toward the bottom. Hanging from the opening on delicately linked chains, the sculpted jewels glint with a pristine fire against the luxurious fabric. Stylized renditions of the crow, butterfly and badger grace the front, standing out prominently against the swirling indigo hues.
Read: “Rajara Kifa’ledija”
By Thipbeet (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods

a mistwood-framed painting featuring a pair of children at play
Centered within the canvas is a massive pear tree in full bloom. Tiny white pear blossoms cover the ground beneath the tree, nearly matching the fluffy white clouds covering the vibrant blue sky above. Hiding amidst the branches of the tree is a young Prydaen woman with creamy white fur and a honey-streaked strawberry mane, her hand held over her mouth as if to stifle a giggle. Down below, a second young woman with purple-streaked blue-black hair studiously searches the area.
Read: “~~ Aguisian Deglaraus, 392 ~~”
By Aguisian (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods, from Sketchy by Design

a white marble jewelry box shaped into a panther with a lustrous platinum collar
The proud white panther sits regally erect with her head lowered, her right paw blackened and withered. With sharp ivory fangs slightly bared, the large rose quartz eyes glimmer with suspicion when soft light reflects across the panther’s face. A blue gold Shariza, a yellow gold Iladza and a white gold Faiyka stud the movable collar, which when aligned correctly along the neck reveals a secret compartment within the statue.
By Turialo (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods, from Turialo’s Haven, Autumn Colors

a delicate platinum chain necklace with a dark crystal nightshade blossom
Tiny rubies embrace the sides of the nightshade blossom. Inscribed on the back of the necklace is a stylized snake concealed within a pile of coins, the symbol of the Crossing Thieves’ Guild.
Other guilds see: The back of the necklace has been marred by some disfiguring scratches.
By Veshenke (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods, from Thick as Thieves

a grandmaster’s iron lockpick with a tiny panther handle cut from a star ruby
By Plixo Figg (Nov. 2008) at Festival of the Gods

a glistening mistsilk ysin drenched in shifting shades of twilight.
The narrow strip of luxurious fabric is gathered at the center and designed to wrap around the hips for the greatest freedom of movement. When worn, the material drapes over the shoulder and flows behind the back like an ethereal train of hazy twilight. Inlaid with sparkling diamonds, a platinum triquetra serves as the clasp for the traditional Prydaen garment. Blending shades of blue, violet, and rose swirl through the prismatic mistsilk, shimmering under any light like a rippling pool of liquid.
By ?visiting Prydaen elder?

a twilight-hued linen skirt
Crafted from finely woven linen, this piece has been dyed the color of a twilight sky. Shades of deep purple and blue at the hip gradually fade to pale blues and lilacs at the bottom hem. A circle of polished onyx serves to fasten the belt of this piece, its face intricately carved with the image of a crow in mid-flight.
Visionary Thipbeet for Twilight alterations

an etched black leather moneybelt clasped by a polished bone crest of the Trader’s Guild
The supple leather of the pouched-belt is highly polished and crafted with sheer perfection. The Trader’s Guild crest is carved in precise detail in polished bone allowing the crest to seperate cleanly in half when opened. A scene of a yak hiding behind a tree seemingly giggling at a confused looking trader whom wanders about looking for her caravan has been worked through the soft leather in thin arbelog bone pieces.
Read: “It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his coins.”
By Twansic (Dec. 2007) at the Grove, after beating Alexii at roshamo

a nightsilk haversack with a painted triptych
On one side of the series of images, jade eyes watch intently from the shadows for its prey. The opposite panel reveals a dazed nobleman lying upon the ground with a look of confusion upon his face as to what hit him. In the center, a panther brazenly walks away with a pouch full of gems dangling from its mouth. A statement has been embroidered along the bottom of the scene.
Read: “Behind every great fortune, there is a crime.”  Embiggened (x3) by Bildon Finedwadle (Hallow Eve 2014).
a sturdy wooden box painted with tiny dark spots and labeled “FLEAS”
Twine allows the box to be attached to the belt, while a small release catch is placed near the top. The top can be twisted off without too much effort, allowing for dirt to be placed within. The box is designed to look like a miniature flea jail, thin white lines painted to look like bars. A few holes have been patched up from past breakout attempts.
By Dyer Suzzie (Nov. 2006) after a guild meeting

a pair of twilight grey nightingale-winged sandals
Silky laces of dusky nightsilk are designed to trace their way up the wearer’s calves and tie into dainty bows behind the knees. Dangling from the dark silk bows, small black diamond panthers are carved into various acts of pouncing, grooming and sleeping. The jade eyes of the panthers seem to be twinkling with mischief, as they catch any available light. Lightly padded for a silent step, these sandals appear perfect for stealthy movements.
By Jewelia (March 2006) with Merelew voucher

Soosha’s Tattoo
She has a tattoo of a panther stalking down from her lower back that eyes a pale grey mouse seated near the black tip, obliviously playing with a lockpick on her tail.
By Tihani (Aug. 2005) at Shard Liberation Festival

a brushed gold ring displaying a jade-eyed cambrinth panther curled around a box
Weilding a sparkling ruby lockpick the panther tilts its head inquisitively at the box it curls around. A tiny ivory mouse peeks out of the oversized lock, a look of surprise on its face.
Read: “You’re alive solely because it amuses me. — Crafted by F., Master Wizard Tinkerer Extraordinaire.”
By Freiden (Aug. 2005) at Shard Liberation Festival

a cross-eyed panther bobblehead
The crosseyed panther seems to need to take a few more classes in lockpicking. His tongue is sticking out of the side of his mouth, held between his teeth in a display of intense concentration. His main problem is not that he’s seems to be holding the box backwards (although you can clearly see he’s attempting to pick the left hinge), but that his lockpick is behind his ear and he’s attempting his task with a bedraggled quill.
By Porly (Aug. 2005) at Shard Liberation Festival, from Porly’s Emporlyum, Oddies From Afar

a darkened silver shield set with a crouching panther and an ivory mouse
The target shield is covered in a darkened silver finish. From within the shadows of a stand of bamboo, the jade eyes of a crouching panther gleam. A tiny ivory mouse is defiantly giving the panther a raspberry, its miniscule ruby tongue sticking out. Some silvery letters seem to flow from the mouse’s mouth.
Read: “Bite me!”
By Silversmith Maddy (Aug. 2005) at Shard Liberation Festival

a triple-lathed reinforced bloodwood crossbow wrapped in twilight-hued silk
Smooth silks dyed in the purples and blues of twilight grace this crossbow. A uniquely textured grip looks as though it were made especially for feminine Prydaen hands. Near it, a small golden hand charm is inlaid into the bow is etched with the words, “Don’t play with your food!”
By Dyer Suzzie (Aug. 2005) at Shard Liberation Festival

a soft white velvet backpack shaped to resemble a panther
The cuddly backpack is embellished with tiny, perfect jade eyes that shimmer in the light with every movement. A fuzzy grey mouse hangs limply from the panther’s mouth, just above a black collar with a dangling ruby lockpick which nearly conceals the complex locking mechanism.
By Dyer Suzzie

a tantalizing dark steelsilk gown
Scintillating steelsilk is designed to mold itself tightly against the wearer. Each curve is accented with this shimmering fabric. Low cut and slit up to the thighs, this gown leaves nothing to the imagination. A lithe panther prowling up one side is outlined in sparkling ruby dust, protectively curled up around the side with a glint of mischief in its jade-gemmed eye.
By Dyer Suzzie