The Player

Wow, I can’t believe you’re actually reading this! So you want to know a lil’ more about me? I’ve been playing DragonRealms early 2000 when I was going to college (I guess they didn’t keep me busy enough). I quit for about a year since then, but the game (and people) are so addicting I couldn’t stay away! I live in Central Florida with my three cats (Faithful, Karma and Calypso) and four dogs (Kismet, Sakura, Baby and Bear). My passion, of course, is animals so I make my living at a local shelter caring for them as well as trying to find them good homes. Hobbies include everything entertaining about computers, horseback riding and reading a good book/manga. I live a pretty quiet life, tho would love to be more outgoing (just can’t afford it!). Well, enough about me.. back to the game!