You’ll normally see Rajara daydreaming about future riches in her shop.  She loves helping shoppers and traders find their way, so feel free to pop in with any questions. But don’t ask her to sell gems if they haven’t been cleaned yet or you’ll find yourself on a trip to the bath house! Training doesn’t interest her much as she’d rather teach a lesson or join one if offered.


You see Whimsical Benefactress Rajara Gudrs’Rivuyi of Elanthia, a Rakash. She has a heart-shaped face, thick-lashed violet eyes, a freckled nose and dimples. Your deep purple-streaked blue-black hair is long and fine, and is worn loose. You have pale skin and a curvaceous figure. A miniature donkey floats lazily around her neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.

In moonskin, Rajara has thick-lashed violet eyes and dimples, a white and black coat with black masking, a slender tail and a curvaceous figure. A miniature donkey floats lazily around her neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her fur.


Her apartment is located in Ravens Court, Bejeweled Nook. Look for a silverwood door elaborately carved with blooming vines set with a platinum plaque intricately engraved with the crest of the Traders’ Guild. Inside her home you’ll find a circular goldenoak bed curtained by silken weeping willow branches and a mistwood roll-top desk with some stuff on it rest upon the silverwood floor of this room. A huge silver-laced granite fireplace decorated with an arched weeping willow, with a mistwood-framed painting featuring a pair of children at play hanging above it, burns from its resting place at the edge of the cotton rug covering the floor. Gilt dragonwood walls enclose the area, holding in its mild smell of dust. You also see a tall and slender butler, a silverwood door elaborately carved with blooming vines, a rough-cut silverbirch weapon rack spotted with flowers, a stately traveler’s trunk with thick brass bands with several things on it and a short silverbirch armor stand painted in bright blue and purple hues.


Soosha follows in her sisters footsteps in her training ability, being nonresistant, so don’t expect much. Tho once in a while you might actually catch her out in rockies being dragged out by her friends before she dies. Her favorite pastimes is exploring new shops and playing with newly acquired toys.


You see Bandit Bait Soosha Gudrs’Rivuyi, Lookout of The Locksmith Union, a Prydaen. She has pointed ears and cat-slitted gold-flecked jade eyes. Her honey-streaked strawberry mane is long and thick, and is worn coiled in an upswept twist. She has creamy white fur with black points, a long tail and a svelte figure. She has a tattoo of a panther stalking down from her lower back that eyes a pale grey mouse seated near the black tip, obliviously playing with a lockpick on her tail.


Her home is located in The Crossing on Smithy Lane. Inside her oak-shingled dwelling with a pig pen beside it you’ll find a huge blackwood bed carved into the shape of vines and a low glass table resting upon ebonwood legs rest upon the polished blackwood floor of this small room. A large fireplace overlaid with multicolored stones to create a field of flowers, with a pair of black leather locksmith’s bracers set with tiny animite studs hanging above it, burns from its resting place at the edge of the cotton rug covering the floor. Dusky smokewood walls enclose the area, holding in its mild smell of dust.
You also see a long-haired dark grey cat, an arched blackwood door studded with ruby roses, an ornate ebonwood armor stand carved to resemble a rose bush, a towering pile of clothing with a couple of things on it and an elegant ebonwood weapon rack shaped like a climbing bramble.

Gudrs’Rivuyi Family History - from Rajara's POV

Most people are curious as to how a Rakash and Prydaen could be sisters. We’re not really blood sisters of course, though we did go through the little ritual when we were younger of pricking our fingers and swearing to protect each other forever. We were both born a few years after our parents had fled from the evil Necromancer Lyras, giving thanks to their gods and saviors when the barrier was erected. They wandered to the outskirts of the Crossing, choosing to stay in the wilderness, hoping to stay with the old ways they were familiar with. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do in new surroundings with new people. So the Rakash and Prydaen ending up sharing dens.

This is where Soosha and I both come in, where we were born. When we were old enough to wander, we found each other and quickly became enemies. Great beginnings; we were both stalking the same mouse, and ended up pouncing the other in our eagerness for our first kill. After that we always competed in things, and just could not manage to one-up the other; I would win one game, and she the other.

Our battle would probably have gone on forever if that day hadn’t arrived. That day being the celebration to remember those we lost. Now don’t think we were celebrating they were lost, just remembering them in a good, happy way. During these times the bloodwine made everyone a bit less watchful and that was the time the ogres who lived in our territory happened to invade our home. Our parents and neighbors tried to fight, but they were more a peaceful bunch now and lax in their fighting skills since we hadn’t any enemies here. They ordered us to run and hide in the safe place, and as we sat there huddled together, holding on to one another fearing the unknown, we heard the horrible sounds of our families being slaughtered.

I don’t recall much of what happened afterwards or even during. I don’t think Soosha does either. But somehow we salvaged what we could and wandered away from the destruction. We stayed together not knowing what else to do, living off the land. When I almost got taken down by a musk hog she grabbed me to safety and held me tightly. We cried together then, mourning the death of our parents and what should have been. That is where we made our blood pact to always protect each other as our parents would have. We would become our own pack/pryde and make our family proud.

A while later we traveled to the Crossing to see what the town life was like. We met many weird and interesting people. During our visit I met the Trader guildleader and learned of their fabulous skills. I decided to join and make a living this way. My new sister Soosha also stayed in town doing odd jobs, though found her new favorite skill was to live off my work. We are happy and content in our new home, never forgetting the vows we made to our loved ones.