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Per Wikipedia: DragonRealms is a medieval fantasy game set in the world of Elanthia. One of the oldest and most popular examples of the MUD genre, it was developed from 1992-1995 and released in February 1996. Players of DragonRealms say it is a very addictive game, even returning back from World of Warcraft! One person commented “Graphics are for people who can’t read.” There are very close knit communities within Elanthia. Why don’t you explore DragonRealms for a month free? I could always use a new customer!
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Rajara Gudrs'Rivuyi

Shop Owner of On a Whim

Rajara can normally be found in her shop or you can send out a gweth requesting her attention.

Store hours: 1 pm to 8pm EST

Location: Crossing Market Plaza, Sun Room

Lost? ASK GUARD FOR WHIM to be taken there during shop hours!


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